Professional business consulting with a focus on routines, IT systems and online strategy

I offer professional advice, guidance and actionable solutions to businesses experiencing issues they can’t deal with in-house.  With my network and experience I would love to be your “silent strategic partner”.  No obligation 1st consult.

Welcome to Wesman

Let me help you focus on your business while I help implement your backend systems that support what you do best!

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High level of competence

Let me help you with my experience with IT systems while I let you be an expert in your business.

My goal is not to take over your business, it is to free up your time with intelligent systems and routines so you can be free to work on the business that you started in the beginning.

Website Development
5 years
Business Management
17 years
Sales & Marketing
21 years
Project management
7 years


Free take-in meeting

1-2 hour consultation where I find out as much about your business as possible



Next is to take the information shared and allow me to present some projects we can do together to solve issues and improve systems


No obligation

There is no obligation to use any of my services if you feel it is not a right fit.  You may choose only some or all of my proposals


One-Off or ongoing agreement

Depending on your needs, I may offer a one-off series of projects or we may decide to work regularly on projects you need a hand in

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